Running Shoes, Take Me Away

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Anytime in my life that I’ve ever needed a pair of running shoes, it was Payless special, except for those once a year we’d get to go to a department store and get shoes for school, but mom always had a price limit, $40 or something like that, not too expensive so I never really got what I’d call sweet shoes, that was until I started working and I could afford my own shoes, and then I became an Adidas fiend. If I wanted a pair of running shoes I was more likely to migrate towards Adidas than I was any other brand, except Nike. Nike and I had a decent relationship for a while, but then I got all snobby and I couldn’t “brand clash”.

Because my shirts were Adidas and my pants were Adidas I couldn’t very well run around in Nike shoes right? And since I didn’t like the Nike pants because they didn’t rip away like the Adidas I had to change shoe brands, not that it killed me by any means.

Today however was different, I couldn’t just go in a buy a pair of shoes because it was the brand I preferred or the colors I liked, no, today, I went and bought running shoes for that in which they were intended, running. I’ve never really been concerned about how shoes worked when I ran. A few years ago when I was running I’d just put on my shoes and go, if my friends wanted to go running and I didn’t have my shoes, I’d put on their shoes (because we were same sized feet) and go.

I went to Fleet Feet because the Boulder store comes highly recommended and the Orlando store is also highly recommended. I do not recommend the Albuquerque store. It looks like the athletics monster went into that store and vomited, it’s a surprise that the store isn’t closed for breaking fire code regulations or something. Another thing was, and what I was really hoping for is that they’d fit me for a pair of shoes put me on a treadmill like they do in the Orlando store and watch me run, they didn’t even have a treadmill that I could see in the Albuquerque store. The guy that was watching me walk so that he could decide what kind of shoe to put me in asked if my left leg had ever been injured, the whole time he was looking at my right leg, so I grabbed my left leg and said, “left leg” and he said what about your right leg, and I said, “no, not my right leg only my left leg” and he said something about over pronation on my right leg whatever that means.

I was a little skeptical in his analysis just because he didn’t know right from left but I walked out with a pair of Saucony Progrid something or other.

Run, Courtney, Run - Diabetes 365 Day 172 - March 25, 2008

I’ve got half a mind to go up to Boulder this weekend and see Kathy because she was who was recommended. I hear that she’s very good when it comes to picking shoes that are the right fit. I’d just hate to be running in a pair of shoes that aren’t quite the right fit and therefore might cause injury. I want to feel comfortable in the pair of shoes that a store representative gives me, I don’t want to have any doubts about the questions they’re asking me or anything else. I don’t want to injury myself before I even get to my half Ironman race in 2009, that will break my heart.

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  1. I have the over pronation in both my feet, so I wear the orthotics. And Saucony is a highly recommended brand, I think you will like them a lot.

    ...said alli on March 26th, 2008
  2. Great post. I’m sure many of the Albuquerque folks will be glad to hear this.

    Thanks for the link….

    ...said akeorlando on March 26th, 2008

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