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Speedy Courtney is what I was called during my ride in the Tour de Cure in Christmas, FL (which is actually the Orlando, FL Tour de Cure) on Feb 24,2008. I figure the elevation is probably close to zero and in Albuquerque it’s close to a mile high depending on where you’re riding so even though I hadn’t trained in 4 months I had no problem riding. I was third out of the gate and quickly riding at 17 mph. It felt so good to be back on my bike. I hadn’t even gone a mile and I was riding at a good pace of 20 mph.


Sadly, like my last training ride, I took off a little quickly and quickly tired. I think that how quickly I tired had something to do with how much food (or lack there of) was in my system (more on this later).

When I slowed down I was still passing people but at a speed of 14-15 mph, and there were people passing me. I wish I could remember names better because I had myself some good conversations along the way.

When I got to the half point at 11.48 miles (according to mine and Dan’s odometer’s) I was very shocked, and easily excited. I heard the words “peanut butter and jelly” and almost couldn’t contain myself. The people at the rest stop just really made my day. I got to have a peanut butter and grape jelly sammich. They had the normal stuff like orange slices and bananas which was cool. And they were making fluffer nutters (which I had never heard of and didn’t know they existed until this ride) they’ve got marshmallow creme stuff on them (which I couldn’t try because marshmallows for me are like a hint of death, they’ll put the blood sugar over the edge in a heart beat, that and when I think of marshmallow creme i think of candied yams at thanks giving and that all grosses me out so a fullfernutter sammich was out of the question)

Dan (who was a RED Rider and who I started the ride off with before I escaped the slower peeps) caught up to me at the rest stop and took my picture:


and took off before I did (i was chilling) to return back to where we begun.

But it didn’t take me long to catch up with him. I spent a decent amount of time talking with him and his wife Barbara, this is us after the ride:


When I caught up to them, they were riding side by side, he pulled ahead and I said “but I wanted to ride next to you” and the both of them commented that they wanted to follow me, that I could catch the wind for them. So I ducked down into my aerodynamic position and took off and hollered “can you keep up?” They yelled back how it wasn’t fair because if I was aerodynamic I wasn’t catching any wind for them.

I rode for a short while and caught up with Mindy:


Mindy was riding in the 22 mile ride and she had co-workers riding in the longer rides. I rode along with Mindy until Dan caught up with us. When Dan caught up with me, I bid Mindy farewell and resumed my aerodynamic position and Dan and I took off for the finish.


The finish came sooner than I expect, I feel that I missed a couple of miles or something, managed to find a shortcut, perhaps? None the less, it was a good ride. My odometer marks the ride at 19.22 miles. I completed that ride in 1 hour 17 min and .06 seconds. My average speed was 15.38 mph (considerably faster than my usual 12 mph average speed) and my max speed (which I was excited about to do on the flats instead of just a hill) was 20.7 mph. For not training in 4 months, I think I did well. Personally, I think my best part of the ride was the second half after the PB&J sammich. I had so much energy that I don’t think I’ve ever had on the second leg of a ride. For the beginning of my rides I always pump 40 or so carbs into me an hour before the ride, and after this particular rest stop, I think the key is going to be to pump 40 carbs into me right before I take off.

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  1. I love how the simple things like PBJ excite you. You did a great thing riding in this ride and I am happy it wasn’t too difficult for you after the hurdles you went through before flying to Florida (surgery, weather, etc).

    ...said alli on March 3rd, 2008
  2. Hey, I have that exact same jersey!

    Next time, I say go for the fluffernutter. You will need the extra carbs when you’re riding a century. Plus, they’re delicious.

    Congrats on a great ride!

    ...said Sara from Team Sweetpea on March 3rd, 2008
  3. that whole fluffernutter stuff just really doesn’t appeal to me, I’m gonna have to come up for a practice ride and make Anne carry some with the gu and then we can test them out ;P

    ...said Courtney on March 3rd, 2008
  4. Very cool blog!!!!

    ...said Delia on March 17th, 2008

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