Are You Low?

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I’m out in the kitchen grabbing a cup from the cupboard this morning. I’m never in the kitchen on work mornings before I’m dressed at a minimum and if I’m in the kitchen on work mornings after I’m dressed it’s to grab my lunch kit from the fridge. I usually never am out there grabbing a cup from the cupboard on work mornings. Because of this, mom asks “are you low?” I answer honestly because I know she’s doing this for her safety: “yes” and as I walk to the fridge to grab juice she says “ok, I won’t talk to you then.” I get the juice from the fridge and mutter something about being “48″.

I feel bad for my mom sometimes, there’s been a history of her saying or asking the wrong thing when I’m low and her getting her head bit off. It’s not purposely done, I’m just more prone to senselessly causing an arguement/attacking when I’m low.

So now if I’m in the kitchen when I wouldn’t normally be, doing something other than getting a bottle of water she asks that question. And 95% of the time she’s on the ball by asking that question. It’s better for her to ask that than for me to be talking to her and out of the blue cop an attitude or get upset or angry over something and her having me yell at her for no good reason and then me having to apologize for my actions (which I hate doing, phf, apologize *rolls eyes*)

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