Snack Time – Diabetes 365 Day 90 – Jan 03, 2008

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Snack Time - Diabetes 365 Day 90 - Jan 03, 2008

I have memories of Barnum Animals Crackers. I remember when I was a little kid that grandma bought them in a big tin and when we had eaten them all that tin got filled with crayons. In fact, I bet that tin is still at grandmas house.

So, I was walking through Wal-Mart because mom sent me to get milk and these cookies were screaming to me, so, I bought them, and let me tell you, they were so good. The downside, you’re looking at a meal in that picture, the box of crackers was about 45 carbs and the milk was another 12. So at 57 carbs, I was coming pretty close to my 60 carbs a meal limit…but hey, 4th meal anyone?

There is no cure for diabetes…


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