E-2 = BRRR…I’m Cold – Diabetes 365 Day 82 – Dec 26, 2007

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E-2 = BRRR...I'm Cold - Diabetes 365 Day 82 - Dec 26, 2007

So, my machine kindof sat in the car for the duration of a movie because I didn’t want to carry my bag into the theatre, I just wanted to go into the theatre as me, with no baggage…when it was all said and done and I got back out to my car and needed to check my blood, I couldn’t, because the machine was too cold, even after the 15 min drive home, it was too cold.

Apparently, we have to take better care of our stuff, because it will freeze just like we do if left in the car on a cold winter’s day. But lucky for me, I remembered Kerri’sconversation with her cold meter and was able to warm mine up quite quickly after sticking it under my armpit.

There is no cure for diabetes…


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