Tradition – Diabetes 365 Day 81 – Dec 25, 2007

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Tradition - Diabetes 365 Day 81 - Dec 25, 2007

I don’t know its real name, and it may not look so good in the picture, but it’s delicious in real life. It’s what I call Tradition because every Christmas Grandma would make it. It’s got strawberry Jello, frozen evaporated milk, and vanilla wafer topping in it (and possibly some other ingredients but I’m not sure what).

A few years after becoming a diabetic, this Christmas Tradition ceased to exist because it didn’t set up right with sugar free Jello and Nutrasweet. So Grams stopped making it. This year I told her, I want it so you make it with all the sugar you need to. And she did make it just for me cause I requested it. It was extra good and I must’ve eaten like half the pan…I have no clue what it did to my blood sugars because I over compensated for it.

Sometimes we have to eat the non-sugarfree stuff, because sometimes, the sugarfree stuff just doesn’t work the same as the sugary stuff.

There is no cure for diabetes…


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