Really Tired of Pharmacies

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Truthfully, I’m really tired of Walgreens. I’ve pharmacied with Walgreens for 19 years. They’ve taken care of all my diabetes supplies for 15 of those years. And in the past 2 or so years, they frustrate the hell out of me. Every since my doctor changed my prescription for test strips to 300 a month the pharmacists little people (the trainees, the up and coming pharmacists) they’re dumb.

My insurance will only automatically pay for 250 strips, to get the 300 strips, the pharmacist has to do a manual override. You’d think that after over a year they’d remember that they had to do the manual override. But NO! Every month I call them in, the refill for my test strips and I talk to someone in the pharmacy and I let them know that they’ll have to do a manual override. And every month, I get a phone call about how they can’t fill my prescription. And every month I have to call and ask for the pharmacist that has taken care of filling my families prescriptions for the last 19 years. It’s the same conversation everytime, all I have to do is say my name and she fixes it.

It amazes me that the new people can’t take care of it right off the bat, that I have to go in and tell them what to do (me the customer telling them what to do, it’s a manual override #2) and they’re the ones that work there. There’s all of like 3 people that just do it for me, but unfortunately, I never get to talk to them the first time around and the losers that I do talk to they obviously don’t listen when I tell them before they fill it that it’s a #2 manual override. I’ve had it with Walgreens to the point where I’m looking at following through on the mail-in things I get. I can get all my prescriptions though the mail, and it’s cheaper, but I haven’t done it because the idea of my prescriptions sitting in the mail scares me. But since it’s directly through my insurance company, surely they’d get it right, right?

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