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Last night I stepped out and did something that I usually try to avoid…although, me stepping out and doing these seems to be a theme this month. I made another commitment. I’ve committed to make a post on this blog every day during November. Which is a step up from where I currently am with my back-dating my photos for the Diabetes 365 project that I’ve signed myself up for earlier this month (which just happens to be the other commitment I made this month).

So, the goal, to post something everyday for the whole month of November. I can easily do this if I’d not be so lazy and keep up on my Diabetes 365 photos. If I post them in Flickr daily it’d be no problem for me to move them over to my blog…but I also have other stuff that’s been nagging me from the back of my mind concerning my diabetes that I really need to write about so if I miss a day on the Diabetes 365 deal, I can blog about the other stuff. The point being that I have to blog daily. And I’m going to do it…I am…for reals…

NaBloPoMo 07

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  1. Cool! I’ll be reading. I’m doing it, too. I think it’ll be a good chance for me to keep the 365 going and write a bit more. We can support each other! :)

    ...said amylia on October 30th, 2007

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