Darn Ketones

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I woke up this morning, my blood sugar was 78 and I was nauseous. Nauseation is not a good thing. It’s especially not a good thing given my history of being nauseous and vomiting just a mere 2 months ago. Even though I was low I went ahead and checked for ketones. I was so not impressed to see that not only did I have ketones, but that they were hovering dangerously close to medium ketones. That was so not a good sign.

Of course, that was my only moment of sensibility today. Because shortly after I checked my ketones, I ate breakfast, took insulin, and instead of drinking water and going potty, I pumped myself full of diet mountain dew, waited about 4 hours went potty and oh, damn, didn’t check my ketones…

See, here’s the thing about ketones, they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I’m healthy, my blood sugars are normal, I wasn’t fasting, and I wasn’t on an all meat diet. I shouldn’t have had ketones. And its the frustrations of the things that appear when I’m taking care of myself for no good reason that cause me to really hate diabetes.

If I’m as healthy as can be, I shouldn’t be encountering unexplainables…and it’s the unexplainables that really make me not want to take care of myself, because then, at a minimum, in the midsts of what would otherwise be unexplainables, I can explain them…

And they wonder why diabetes is so frustrating…

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