Not even close to far enough

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I hate diabetes, it interferes with my exercise schedule (among other things). Today I checked my blood one hour after breakfast because I wanted to go riding. Big mistake, I know full well that I’m going to be high one hour after I eat, had I checked my blood an hour later, I wouldn’t have been high, I would have been in a normal range. A range appropriate for exercise. A range appropriate for me to go riding my bike for more than 30 miles. But no, I wasn’t in a normal range, I was high, and I was feeling sluggish, and against all common sense (because we’re not supposed to exercise when our blood sugars are over 240 because we’re in danger of pushing them higher, especially if we have ketones because there’s already not enough insulin in our bodies, but that’s another topic, so i digress)

So, I went for my ride, and talk about the laziest ride of my life, there was just no desire to ride. But I rode. I’d ride for a while at a speed of 20 miles an hour and then I’d decide I didn’t want to ride that fast anymore and slow down to 12ish mph. And then I didn’t even have the desire to ride my 30+ miles that I had intended on riding. I’m completely lame.

So here’s the skinny on my lame ride:

Total Miles: 17.73
Ride Time: 01:17:40
Max Speed: 21.4 mph
Avg Speed: 13.6 mph

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