1 Week till Ft. Worth, TX Tour de Cure

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In exactly one week I’ll be ridig in the first ever Ft. Worth, TX Tour de Cure. Let me tell you that I am excited ( even though I’ve only riden a total of 34.29 miles in the last 6 weeks). I will put in another ride this afternoon or tomorrow morning that way I get at least another 30 miles in before I go off to some state and ride on some terrain that I’m completely unfamiliar with. Although, it is flat and I should be good to go. I mean, how hard can flat be right? (worse case scenario, I get my butt whooped like when I was in CA on the overpasses, that’ll suck, darn hills.)

I think I’m in good shape for the ride, in general and overall, I have my new bike, my new helmet, my very cool hotel reservations at the Doral Tesoro. I raised $500 for the ride, and I’ve got names for most of the miles that I’m riding.

If you need a refresher, in Sept I asked for names from the community at PayPerPost of people that they knew of that had diabetes so that I could ride a mile for each of those people. I decided back before my ride in the Longmont, CO Tour de Cure that I was going to ride a mile for each person I knew that had diabetes. In CO I had the names of friends and family locked in my brain. I wanted to ride for an even bigger purpose in TX, other people as well as those close to me and near and dear to my heart (there are a lot of them, but there’s so many other people with diabetes as well. Plus, it helps to switch things up a bit).

I’m not going to post the names of the people I’m riding for, but I do want to recognize the people that helped me out by giving me the names. The number next to the name represents how many people I’m riding for that they so kindly told me about.

Amy (1)
Andreas (1)
Charity (5)
Dyane (1)
Eliza Jane (1)
Ginene (4)
Holly (1)
Lisa (3)
Lura (3)
Manda (1)
Melissa (1)
Pelf (1)
Sara (1)
Teresa (4)

So, I’ve got 28 people that I’m riding a mile for each of them thanks to all the kind people that gave me names and since I’m only riding 31 miles I came pretty damn close to have a name for each mile. I’m only 3 people off (and unless I get some late responders I have the usual peeps that I can ride for).

So, I’m in good shape for this ride, and like I said I’m really excited. I really can’t wait till next weekend and Grams is all excited that she’s going with me again so it should be a good trip :)

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  1. You’re most welcome! Actually that was all that I could do for you, and for all other diabetes patients. And I thank YOU, for offering to ride for my aunt, and to pray for her.

    God bless you! :)

    ...said pelf on October 16th, 2007

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