The short rides really kill me

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I’m feeling the effects right now of riding my bike only 3.5 miles and yet having eaten a Snickers Marathon bar before riding (which I had to do because when I woke up my blood sugar was low, 76). But now I’m 326 and I’m feeling like crap. If I had ridden for an hour instead of just my half hour, it would’ve burned off the bar and my blood sugar would’ve been between 76-100 (because it’s usually right where I started). But these short rides really do kill me because I don’t know how to eat for them. If it’s a long ride, long being longer than an hour, I eat my bar and go for a ride making sure to stop and check my blood every hour and eat a hammer gel at that time an I’m usually good to go. But on these short rides it not only means that I’m riding for less than an hour, but it also means my ride isn’t as intense and so I’m just not burning through the carbs like I would on a long ride.

And I can’t just cut my carbs in half because I’m only riding half the distance or half the time, nope it’s not that easy because I don’t know how intense the ride is going to be…so yeah, I just guess I have to stick to riding long distances because it’s the only way I can control my blood sugars during my ride and afterwards…

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