In order to beat morning traffic…

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ride your bike to work. I did that this morning. But not from the usual route I take when riding my bike to work. All other entries I’ve made about riding to work are from when I’m housesitting at a house close to work. 3.5 miles close to work in fact. But this week is balloon fiesta week. And since I work right next to Balloon Fiesta park and I knew that traffic was going to be a bear, I decided that it wouldn’t be too bad to ride my bike to work. But I didn’t ride all the way from home because that was 7 miles more than I wanted to ride. So I parked at the bottom of the hill that I had to ride up to get to work. It also was the next biggest intersection near work so I knew my car wasn’t going to get broken into because there’s a lot of traffic going through where I parked.

The path I rode on runs perpendicular to the river so I got to cross a bridge, and what’s funny about the bridge is that for some reason I thought it would be made out of wood. But it was like a real street bridge crossing the river just for us cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. It was cool.

There’s really not much to report about this ride other than the fact that I had to dismount to cross the railroad tracks. And normally I wouldn’t have had to except that there were signs in my path to keep people from parking near them, I suspect that once this week and Balloon Fiesta are over that the signs will go away and then I’ll have a safer ride to work. Other than that, for riding on a very busy road, it wasn’t too bad.

There was this one part of the hill which really frustrated me though because it got steep and my gears weren’t shifting correctly. But, alas, I survived.

Total Miles: 3.54
Ride Time: 00:23:49
Max Speed: 16.2 mph
Avg Speed: 8.9 mph

I do have to say, that for me to be going 8.9 mph up a hill is much better than when I was on my mountain bike (mastering a different part of this same hill) and could only go 6 mph.

We’ll see how I fair on the way back home this afternoon…

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