Riding with a bigger purpose

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A few months ago when I got this website off the ground, I wanted to get the word out about it and so I went to to the boards on my favorite online advertising company (for whom I write) PayPerPost. PayPerPost has a fairly large community and I was curious about how many people were affected by diabetes, whether it be through themselves, a family member, a friend, etc. There were quite a few people.

Today I started emailing the various people to see if I could get the names of these people that are affected by diabetes. I decided to do this because in the Longmont, CO Tour de Cure I found that it was easier to ride if I was riding for someone besides myself (I know, it’s so unlike my very self centered selfish self). When I was in Longmont I had just about 1 person per mile I was riding, mostly they were family and friends but there were some family members of some of my friends. When I’d get discouraged all I had to do was think of those people and I kept going.

I needed more people to think of for my ride in the Ft. Worth, Texas Tour de Cure and so I’m on a mission to get those names. Sure, I can think of the same people that I thought about in the Longmont, CO Tour de Cure. But there’s so many more people beyond my friends and family that have diabetes and when the cure if found it’s not just for me or my family or my friends but for all those that have diabetes. And that’s why I’m looking for names of people that I can ride for.

If you would like, leave a comment with the name of someone you know that has diabetes and I’ll name them as one of the people I ride for.

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