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When I started Ride to Remedy I had decided that it was going to be all about my quest to help cure diabetes by riding my bike in the Tour de Cure across the US.  While I will continue doing this, sometimes there just isn’t much to say about my rides.  For the CA ride I was blogging every ride in which I trained, for the CO ride there wasn’t many rides in which I trained because I knew I could do 30 miles (if I could do 35 miles in CA why wouldn’t I be able to do 30 miles in CO).  My next ride is in Oct in Fort Worth, TX and thus far, I’ve not ridden since my CO ride 2 weeks ago. 


There is something important to me that I decided I should be blogging about between Tour de Cure’s and training rides and that’s diabetes itself.  It is after all, the reason I ride.  If I didn’t have it myself I wouldn’t be nearly as affected by it as I am now.  Sure, my uncle has it, but would I have noticed if I didn’t have it myself, probably not.  I would’ve been the self centered, self absorbed person that I can be (usually on a daily basis). 


Without having diabetes myself, I wouldn’t have the connection that I have to the numerous diabetics and influential people in my life today.  As such, I’m going to start posting about this disease that I have, the effects that it has on me, what I see it doing to people around me, the lack of proper medical support, and anything else that crosses my path concerning diabetes that I think is worth blogging about.

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