Photohunt raises sponsorship to 30%

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RidetoRemedy at 30%

There was a photo scavenger hunt over on </> and I thought I’d go ahead and participate. I really didn’t think that I’d win but I was going to put forth my best effort because the prize money was set at $100 (and I was going to apply it to the CO Ride if I won). I had one hour for lunch and 9 pictures to take (when I got in my car to go get my pictures I already had three that I had taken while in the office). The hardest one for me on the list was going to be the sombrero (or so I thought). It turned out that none of them were exactly hard. It took me a while to think about where to find a sign that had “DIC” in it. After walking the block where I work and looking for “DIC” on a sign a co-worker suggested I go to the phone book. That worked great. I found where I needed to go and from there I mapped where I needed to go to get the rest of my items.

Within an hour, I had my nine pictures and had gotten back to work. I quickly mailed the photos from my phone, to my email, where I downloaded them, so that I could then turn around and upload them to my flickr account. And I got this done just in the nick of time too. There were other people on the hunt, of course. But while I was out there was a conversation about how Chris doubted that anyone would get the pictures the same day of the hunt announcement and if someone did he’d double the $100 that was initially set for prize money.

I got my pictures posted on </dic> just barely before another guy and Chris asked how I wanted the cash. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind donating it to my CO Ride. And of course, he did. So, thanks to </Dream.In.Code>, I’m at 30% of my fundraising goal for the Co Tour de Cure.

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