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RidetoRemedy at 10%I get an IM today from my friend Chris who I hear from, from time to time, mostly we talk about DreamInCode (his baby) or work or life in general. And today didn’t begin any differently we spent a decent amount of time talking about DreamInCode but then he asks me how my new site is coming along. Now mind you, I hadn’t told him about this site (RidetoRemedy), so I was completely caught off guard. Our buddy Markus had apparently mentioned it to him (which was good because I wasn’t ready to reveal it, but what Chris revealed to me in our conversation will help me immensely).

Chris verified after viewing it that it was diabetes related and of course I confirmed it and we get into this conversation about other diabetics on the web and the amazing things that they were doing with their websites (diabetes related or not) to help support diabetics and diabetes in general. It gave me a stepping stone because I now I have people that I can talk to for tips and whatnot in getting this site off the ground. We talked a lot of geeky stuff, SEO, keywords and the like. But of course, the most important things are content and networking (which he gave me a lift on).

But when the conversation was all said and done, he said “I still owe you a donation, let me know when your next ride is” I told him about CO and he generously gave 10% of my goal.

Thank You Chris and DreamInCode.net

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