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I received a feedback form for the SoCal Tour de Cure when I received the invite to the “SoCal Tour de Cure Celebration Party”.  Many of the questions asked were fairly basic:

Rate the pre-event communications (which I thought were great), Start Line (I was near the front, couldn’t get any better than that), Signage–Was route well marked? (I was riding in an area that I was unfamiliar with and I didn’t get lost, I’d say the route was well marked, lol), Rest stops (I didn’t know what to expect and I was able to rest, therefore, they were good), Route (Once again, I was in unfamiliar area, I had nothing to base the route on, therefore by default it got a good mark), Finish Line / Goodie Bags (the finish line was the starting line and the goodie bags were filled with goodies, good marks all around).

There were other questions as well but the most important question for me was the question about the importance of the thank you prizes.  I answered honestly, the only thing I wanted out of the ride was a jersey.  I could’ve cared less about any of the other prizes but the jersey is important to me.  I want a permanent reminder of my ride and I want to be able to display what I’ve done and the jersey does just that.  I’m gonna be one of those riders that no matter the ride, I want to walk away with a jersey.  And I expressed just that, they left a little space for prize suggestions and I told them exactly what I wanted.

It was good that they sent us feedback forms and while I had a whole lot of nothing to base my responses on, I responded anyways.

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