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It’s been almost a month since my ride in the SoCal Tour de Cure and I’ve been carefully mulling over my next ride. Every so often, almost every day sometimes I’ve been going to the CO Tour de Cure website and checking in to see if maps of the routes have been posted yet. But, I couldn’t wait any longer, I had some conversations with some of the coordinators for the ride and they said maps would be up soon but that was like two weeks ago or so, maybe less, like maybe a week and a half. After perusing the various registration pages for rides across the US I saw that I may have to get accustomed to there not being maps for the routes prior to the ride (which scares me seems I’m coming from out of state and I am unfamiliar with the area and terrain).

Despite my fears, I’ve gone ahead and registered for the CO Tour de Cure and my personal page where people can sponsor me is up. I had a little harder time writing my introduction and I didn’t pass this one through my friend for review so it may not be as good as the first one, but this is what I settled on:

Riding State 2 State

When I rode in the Tour de Cure in Southern California in May it was to show that I could be just as athletic as I once was even with my diabetes. To show that I was done being controlled by a disease that I should’ve been controlling long ago. My ride in CA went so well that I decided I want to complete a ride in all 50 states. CO is the second stop in reaching that goal. However, even with this goal set, I would like it to be a goal I never reach, I’d love it if I get stopped in a few years because a cure has been found.

The cure for diabetes is the primary reason I ride, my goals are only secondary to the cure. I ride for myself, I ride for all my friends with diabetes, I ride for those with diabetes that I don’t know, I ride for those that will be saved from the torment of diabetes when a cure is found. And I will continue to ride until that cure is found, whether it be before I’ve ridden in all 50 states or long afterwards.

I think it outlines my intentions and what I’m trying to do and it says that I’m going to persevere until a cure is found. So, if you’re up to it, and you feel so inclined because someone you love or know is a diabetic and you want to help them out, please sponsor me in my ride in the CO Tour de Cure. It’s a great cause and as a bonus, it’s tax deductible ;P (shameless plug, I know).

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