I’m half of a serious cyclist

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The other day when my blood sugar went low on my ride, I didn’t blog about the most important detail of that ride and that was that it was my first ride after going clipless.  I was out there on the trail looking half professional, I was clipless (if that makes no sense to you, you have to read this).

I did well out there on the trail.  I didn’t crash and burn, at no point was I unable to clip out (that’s probably not the proper terminology) of my pedal.  And if you look past all the bad stuff about that ride (the high/low blood sugars), it was a sweet ride.   That, and I’m now half of a serious cyclist.

And me being on the path of serious cycling, that’s the most important part of that ride.  Because it means that I’m meeting my goals of overcoming the limitations of diabetes.  It means that even though the darn disease causes me heartburn on a regular basis, I’m still gonna do what I want to do.  Right now, that’s cycling.

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