How many breaks does it take to make Robbie happy?

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We may never know.

Robbie, he’s a whiner. That’s nothing new, today, once again he was complaining about the lack of breaks. Breaks are an issue with him, he thinks he should get more. We’ve heard this before.

We were discussing the whole break issue along our ride today. We usually take one break, a 5 minute break at the halfway point, the halfway point is never exactly known though. So one 5 minute break on a normal day. On a bad day, like last Tuesday, an insanely windy day where we’re riding in a high gear of 1 and a low gear of 3-6 we get more breaks, I think we had 3 took three.

Anyhow, we were discussing breaks, and what it came down to, is that we’re training, and if we keep stopping for breaks we’re not training to our full potential. If we take one break along our ride here in NM, we’ll do well in CA where we have the opportunity to take 2 breaks. You have to train harder than you expect to ride, that way you’re prepared for whatever may come your way.

Today several breaks came our way.  Thank you very much to poorly managed blood sugars.  It wasn’t my fault, honestly.  I switched my pump site, and it so did not like my leg, and it let me know.  My blood sugar was high an hour and a half before I began my ride, I took a shot to cover for it, at ride time, I was a whole 20 points lower than the hour and a half prior so I didn’t get to eat my usual Clif bar (very depressing that was).

At one point, I was riding slow and I knew it, I didn’t have the energy that I normally have, I attributed it to the high blood sugar, that was so not the case.  At the half point for the day, my blood sugar was 41 (that’s very low for me) so I traded my hammer gel for Robbie’s snickers.  I ate that and we rode the few miles back to where there was a sonic.  When we got there, I was 57.  I got to eat a grilled cheese and a hot fudge shake (eating like this before cycling is so not recommended, but I had too).

Needless to say, our 27 miles took us 3 hrs and then some instead of the 2 hrs it would normally take us.  My blood sugars were a royal wreck and Robbie got several breaks.  It wasn’t the most enjoyable ride.  But I rode anyways.

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  1. In my defense, I was simply pointing out all the people along our route who had stopped to take a break. The list includes walkers, joggers, and other cyclists. Of course I don’t think any of them had a slave-driver with them… ;)

    ...said Robbie on April 23rd, 2007

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