It’s Called Perseverance

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The wind is horrible today, we’re talking about winds between 30-50 mph. It wasn’t quite like that when I loaded my bike onto my car this morning. I had every intention of riding today because I hadn’t ridden since Thursday. By mid morning, I had decided that I wasn’t going riding. Robbie didn’t have the same thoughts:

Me: It’s pretty windy out there, I don’t think we’re going riding today.
Robbie: Not even to Montano?
Me: Fine, we can go to Montano.
Robbie: The winds are only 38-54 mph…
Robbie: Maybe we won’t go riding today.
Me: Not even to Montano?
Robbie: Ok, we can ride to Montano.

Jokingly, I txt one of my other friends, whom I know would say no to riding given the weather conditions, and asked if she wanted to go riding.

Me: Wanna ride 8 miles this afternoon?
Friend: Absolutely not! It’s way too windy.
Me: Only 38 to 54 mph. It’s called conditioning ;)
Friend: It’s called a death wish.
Me: It’s called perseverance
Friend: For you. For me it’s survival.

On my way to the trail, the wind was crazy. I was in my car fighting it, you could feel it pushing the car off the road. I really only had every intention to ride 8 miles. We ended up going 31.6 miles, almost the full length of the trail, in the crazy wind. In one direction we fought a side wind, and had a bit of a tail wind, and sometimes had a head wind. Coming back was hideous, we mostly had a head wind, fought the side wind (that tried to knock us off the trail) and rarely had a tail wind.

This is how it went:
Montano (4.2 miles):
Capitán Runt: We’re doing ok, let’s keep going
I-40 (7.2 miles):
Capitán Runt: Let’s go to Central
Central (8.5 miles):
Capitán Runt: We’re going to regret it if we keep going
Goober: Let’s go to Bridge
Bridge (10.3 miles):
Capitán Runt: We might as well go to Rio Bravo
Rio Bravo (13.7 miles):
Goober: We get a break here right?
Capitán Runt: We might as well finish the trail, it’s only another 3 miles, you can take a break at the end
2nd Street (15.8 miles)
Capitán Runt: We can break now

Our time to 2nd Street, an hour 5 minutes. We braked for 5 minutes at the end of the trail, took care of the usual business (check the blood sugar, eat a snack, rest a moment)

We regretted going the full length of the trail the entire way back. We got all of a mile before the head wind got a hold of us. We spent the majority of the way back whining and complaining because we were riding in such pathetic gears it was unimpressable. (High 1 Low 3-7). We kept asking who’s idea this was. In the end it got blamed on Robbie because I really didn’t want to go riding today anyways and he’s the one that encouraged it.

We were nice and exhausted by the time we got back to our cars, our faces were wind chapped, our muscles hurt, both of us were having knee issues, and our toes were numb. Despite all we had to complain about, it was a good ride, and although at times it was a fight for survival and the determination to not throw in the towel and take the train back to our starting point but to continue going was lagging, we finished our ride.

What I did realize though, is that because today’s riding conditions were far worse than those of Sunday’s when I didn’t go riding because the “wind had picked up”, I no longer have an excuse no to go riding. Because I can do it. I proved it, 31.6 miles in miserable conditions.

Stats for this ride:
Distance: 31.6 miles
Ride Time: 2 hrs 40 min
Avg Speed: 11.85 mph (the lack of speed is all the wind’s fault)

The general note about my diabetes: Cycling is grand with my insulin pump. As long as I stop every hour to check my blood and eat a hammer gel, we’re good to go. I started the ride with a Clif Bar and a blood sugar of 104 and at both my 1 hr and 2 hr checks I was in the 80′s. I couldn’t ask for better cooperation with my diabetes than I’m getting with my pump.

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  1. Hey, just because we CAN do it, doesn’t mean I EVER WANT to do it again… :) There is a difference between conditioning and surviving. ;-P

    But I’m glad we tried.

    ...said Robbie on April 12th, 2007

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