There’s a headwind in both directions

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We’re back in the saddle after a week of not riding thanks to a sinus infection.  It was a rough night but we kept going and made it 27 miles.  Rough for me not for Robbie, but I’m not here to whine tonight.  There were some changes in what was going on, mainly, this was my first ride with my insulin pump on board.  I wasn’t sure how that was going to work out, but it worked out wonderfully well.  30 minutes before the ride, my blood checked in a 83, I ate a Clif bar (a wholesome 43 carbs), didn’t take any insulin (as I had previously been doing) and I was on my way.

My problems tonight came from not being able to breathe, my nose was clear and I was wearing a Breathe Right strip across it in an attempt to get more air flowing through there, but my breathing patterns never quite evened out.  I easily spent the first 6 or so miles completely winded, unable to take a deep breath.  If I had to compare it to something, I’d almost say I was hyperventilating.  Immediately after a short intake of breath, there was a release.  My side started cramping up and I got frustrated because I knew it was because of my breathing.  Far too much carbon-dioxide in my system but I wasn’t able to release it when my normal methods.  Usually I’d let air out of my lungs and chill before taking another breath but that so wasn’t happening tonight.  Despite this, I told Robbie I was fine and that we could keep going and eventually my breathing returned to normal.

At 55 minutes into our ride we had gone 13.5 miles, taking 5 minutes off my only other ride this long in this particular direction.  If I let Robbie set the pace we ride a little faster than if I set the pace, at several of our benchmarks we were shaving off time.  There was a slight headwind in this direction, slight at this point being maybe 5-10 mph, but it didn’t deter us.  I checked my blood here as this was our midpoint for the night, it was 84 (how awesome is that,  almost an hour of riding and my blood sugar was virtually the same as when I started).  I ate a hammer gel as to not go low later, and we were on our way.

It took us an hour and 10 minutes to cover the same distance heading back.  It was a little more miserable, there was a headwind (this is NM, no matter which way you’re headed, there’s a headwind) this time it was easily closer to 20 mph it was a slight deterant and slowed us down considerably.  We made an extra stop that we hadn’t made on the way down so I could check my blood again, still 84, and I ate another hammer gel (later I’d see that I didn’t need that one and that I just needed to continue riding).

Stats for this ride:
Distance: 27.4 miles
Ride Time: 2 hrs 5 min
Avg Speed: 13.15 mph

We had a decent ride, and even with the wind we took off 5 minutes from my last ride of the same distance.   Robbie wanted to go the extra 6 miles to the end of the trail and back but it was already getting late and the sun would be setting so we didn’t.  We plan to do the full 33 miles of the trail on Saturday and I’d say we’re in good shape to get it done.  Our routine during the ride is being established, and with just a few quirks to work out I really think that our ride in CA is going to be great.

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  1. Courtney! You gotta tell me if you’re having trouble breathing… We can slow down (or stop if needed) for a bit so you can catch your breath. I really don’t want to have to fish you out of the “irrigation ditch” because you stopped breathing (it’s a different story if I push you in… ;D ).

    It’s a good thing we decided to turn back. It would have been really dark if we had gone the full 33 miles (even without my sunglasses).

    ...said Robbie on April 6th, 2007

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