Team Goober and Runt

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Robbie is a goober, and I let him know that today while we were riding today. And he agreed. He even went as far as to tell me the gooberish acts he had done earlier today. But at one point we’re riding along and I say “you goober!” and then this conversation follows:

Robbie: “I am not a chocolate covered peanut, maybe a chocolate covered raisin but not a peanut”
Courtney: “If you want to be a shriveled up raisin, go for it.”
Robbie: “Maybe I’m some other fruit.”
Courtney: “You’re a nut”
Robbie: “Fine, if I have to be a goober, you have to be a candy too, Runt.”
Courtney: “I am not a runt.”
Robbie: “Well, there’s always nerds, gobstoppers…”
Courtney: “I AM NOT a nerd.”
Robbie: “No, you’re a runt, you’re always saying how your legs are shorter than mine.”
Courtney: “Well they are.”
Robbie: “You don’t have to be a runt.”
Courtney: “No, it’s ok, I am a runt.”

We have such nice conversations when we’re on the trail cycling along in high winds whining and complaining about anything we can think of. Today, Team Goober and Runt was founded. And while it may not make sense to many without the background of this story, it sounds so much better than some of the other team names we were coming up with.

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